Audified releases MixChecker update, MixChecker Pro

Audified has launched MixChecker Pro, which includes a number of updates to the original MixChecker plugin.

The plugin allows you the user to simulate a range of different listening environments and devices.

"While the original MixChecker only simulates the linear behaviour of devices, MixChecker Pro also adds the modelling of nonlinear behaviour and completely rewrites the original signal processing code to achieve phase linearity, lower latency, and better resolution in all parts of the frequency spectrum," according to Audified.

"Therefore, the linear part of the model uses transfer function modelling by fixed-pole parallel filters that are based on a dual-band warped filter design using a warped frequency scale so the frequency resolution of the model takes into account the frequency resolution of the auditory system, while the dual-band design brings even more precise modelling at low frequencies without reducing precision at high frequencies."

Read more about MixChecker and MixChecker Pro here.