Audinate releases new version of Dante Controller with Dante Updater

Audinate, developer of Dante AV networking technology, has announced the availability of Dante Controller 4.2.3 with Dante Updater.

Dante Updater is a new feature designed to make it easy to update firmware in Dante devices. Firmware files are hosted by Audinate so they are always up-to-date. Dante Updater allows product manufacturers to more easily bring critical updates to customers by making them available directly in Dante Controller with one-click installation.

Dante Updater automatically discovers and associates updates with connected devices in a clear, unambiguous interface, meaning users can take advantage of new Dante features and capabilities without hunting for product-specific installers and can deploy updates to an entire system at once.

“Dante Updater is a win-win for Dante users and manufacturers alike,” said Neil Philips, product manager at Audinate. “Audinate’s updater program allows manufacturers to include their specific firmware updates directly in Dante Updater for error- and headache-free deployment by end-users. Support costs are reduced, and users always have the latest features at their fingertips for the best possible Dante-enabled product experience.”

Dante Controller with Dante Updater is free for all users and is available now at