Audinate to co-sponsor AES Conference on audio networking

Audinate will co-sponsor this year’s AES International Conference on audio networking, marking the 44th year of the annual event.

The conference, which is held from November 18-20th in San Diego, California, is anticipated to be the largest event to date on audio networking. AES 44 features 17 papers on diverse topics related to networked audio, including five panel discussions and industry veterans, plus three major technology demonstrations highlighting audio network control protocols, distributed performance, and a networked post-production master class. Audinate’s Dante networking will also be demonstrated during the event.

Audinate’s CTO Aidan Williams will speak on topics such as product design and control protocols. He said: “Dante shall remain the industry-leading media networking solution and that also includes support for AVB. People choosing Dante as a “future proof” solution are expressing confidence in Audinate’s ability to deliver an easy to use media networking system supporting AVB.”

Conference chair Nathan Brock remarked: “The conference is the best chance to learn about audio networking from the engineers who are designing and building the devices currently in use, as well as the next generation of networking technologies." Social events include tours of the audio, visualisation, and networking facilities of the University of California, San Diego, which is hosting the conference and banquet for all participants.