Audio Design Desk announces deep integration with

Audio Design Desk, a creative tool for composing music, sound design, and sound effects for film and TV, animation, advertisements and podcasts, has launched a new integration with, the cloud-based review and video collaboration platform. 

The partnership  enables a seamless round trip experience between the two platforms, wherein users can pull video assets and frame-accurate comments directly from into Audio Design Desk for creating sound and music for video; and they can also upload their work to for collaborative review and feedback, without ever leaving the timeline. 

Along with the new integration, the company is releasing new updates in v1.3 of the platform, dubbed Audio Design Desk Collaborate, which includes an optimised codebase that claims to increase performance by up to 70 per cent, a modernised AI-assisted importer, and perpetual licensing.

“Audio Design Desk and were built for one another because they were both invented to enhance and streamline your workflow,” says Gabe Cowan, co-founder and CEO of Audio Design Desk. “Sound is half of what you see, and with you can create sound for video at the speed of thought. But imagine if you could take this incredible creative tool and collaborate with people all around the world to get their ideas without ever leaving your timeline? This is now possible with the integration. Using’s Version Stacks, clients can now review and compare different sound and music cues against one another from virtually any online device, anywhere in the world.”

 Video assets and frame-accurate comments can be imported directly from into to quickly add sound effects, audio design and music for video. 

Users can take advantage of’s library of 2500 free sounds (or 25,000 for paying customers) or import their own sounds to build immersive soundscapes for videos using’s AI-assisted creative tools. 

“I love this integration. Audio Design Desk uses two key concepts to deliver its creative experience: real time, frame-accurate, keyboard shortcuts for adding sound effects, and a robust AI back-end. A user can search for their desired feel, come back with entire sound sets, test and review in, set their markers, and then swap entire soundscapes on the fly. It’s an incredibly smooth integration that fits perfectly with,” states Max Baehr, Developer Relations and Partnerships at

The latest update to the sound design app, Audio Design Desk Collaborate now offers the option to purchase a software license outright, otherwise known as perpetual licensing. Under this model, customers pay one price upfront, and will have the option to upgrade at a significantly discounted price for full point upgrades. Perpetual licenses are available for $399.