Audio-Technica arrives on MTV?s Geordie Shore

24 Audio-Technica U853R multi-element condenser microphones were recently used to capture audio in the Geordie Shore house, the setting for MTV’s record-breaking TV show.

Sound supervisor Stuart Bruce and his team from Sabsound were faced with the task of providing the programme’s broadcast audio. To prepare for the show, Bruce tried out microphones from eight brands before settling on the U853R, supplied by EAV Pro Audio.

“Alongside our wireless installation we used 24 Audio-Technica U853Rs installed around the house and garden,” explained Bruce, “The producers needed to hear everything that was going on and at any time – wherever the cast were – which meant delivering audio around the clock.

“That in itself was a challenge, as was the fact that Geordie Shore was shot using a combination of fixed and portable cameras, so we couldn’t restrict any of the camera angles because of mics being in shot. That meant we had to go for very discreet mic placement.”

He added: “We knew the mics would need to be discreet enough to be placed in vision without being detected, yet have the sensitivity and dynamic range to deliver everything from the secretive whispers to the drunken screams of the cast – and all that in addition to complimenting the sound from the show’s radio mics. Throughout all of our tests, we found ourselves coming back to the U853R – they just kept on delivering.”

EAV Pro Audio’s Jonathan Coates played a key role in helping Bruce decide on the mics. “We worked closely with Stuart in the initial stages to make sure he was going to pick the right microphone for the job,” he said. “We supplied Stuart with a selection of Audio-Technica mics to start with and the U853R was the one he thought was best. We also looked at the different capsules and which ones would provide the best pickup for his needs – as always, Audio-Technica were extremely helpful with providing demo gear and technical help.”