Audio-Technica launches Installed Sound Support App

A new Installed Sound Support App from Audio-Technica is now available.

It offers a number of helpful features for system integrators, sound contractors, front-of-house engineers, musicians and other audio professionals in the field.

The simple-to-use app was created based on direct industry feedback, and includes calculators, meters, record-and-playback functions, an Audio-Technica microphone application guide and more.

Compatible with iPads and iPhones running iOS 5.1 or higher, the free app can be downloaded now via the Apple App Store.

Features include:

• Application guide for A-T mics
• Wavelength Calculator
• Needed Gain Calculator
• 3:1 Microphone Placement Calculator
• RTA and SPL Meter
• Frequency Finder for the manufacturer’s wireless products
• Record and Playback functions for sound system testing

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