Audio-Technica mics provide vocal clarity for Justin Timberlake

A wide array of Audio-Technica equipment is being used on Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience World Tour.

The current series of live dates was arranged to support the singer’s recent LP The 20/20 Experience, which debuted at Number One on the US Billboard 200 earlier this year.

For the sold-out stadium and arena shows, Timberlake’s FOH mixer Andy Meyer has opted for an Artist Elite 5000 Series wireless system with AEW-T6100 transmitter (a wireless alternative to the AE6100 hypercardioid dynamic handheld microphone) and AEW-R5200 receiver – all from the manufacturer.

“The AE6100, as well as its wireless counterpart, is an amazing-sounding microphone, and it really works for Justin’s vocals,” Meyer commented. “The sound quality is superior – it sounds like we’re taking the studio out on the road.”

And the AE6100’s live capabilities are just as impressive, he says: “It has great rejection, especially with the kind of volume we’re getting from the crowds on this tour," Meyer continued. "There’s very little bleed from the stage or the venue that gets in there, which really helps keep Justin’s vocals clean for FOH and monitors."

Audio-Technica mics are not just being used for vocals – the ATM25L/E (Limited Edition) hypercardioid dynamic instrument microphone is handling toms, and the AE5400 cardioid condenser handheld microphone – normally a handheld vocal microphone – has been set up on the top and bottom of the snare drum.

For more information on the company’s products, visit the Audio-Technica website here.

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