Audio-Technica reveals winning colour in M50x headphones colour poll

The results of the Audio-Technica’s colour poll for its limited edition M50x headphones are in – and the winner is a stunning orange hue, official known as ‘Lantern Glow’.

Voting took place online in December 2020 with the winning shade garnering more than 5,000 nods from headphone enthusiasts. 

Online voters were encouraged to choose between four colour options which also included the pink and white Harajuku Pop, Midnight Jam (black) or a dark brown and white combo known as Dark Roast.

As soon as the results of the poll were in, Audio-Technica’s design team in Machida, Japan started work on the final designs. These then went to the product development team so that test samples could be produced to maintain the M50’s renowned sound signature. 

The zesty new limited edition shade will come to both wired and wireless M50x models, arriving in summer 2021.

First launched at the the NAMM trade show in 2007, the original ATH-M50s were designed as professional monitoring headphones and now have a dedicated following among audio industry pros thanks to their comfort and well-balanced sound profile.

Thanks to their affordability, the M50s have also become extremely popular with non-industry music fans.

The M50s have received several updates since they first launched. The upgraded M50x arrived in 2014, followed by the Bluetooth-toting M50xBT in 2018.

Since 2012, the company has introduced eight limited edition colours to the M50 line-up, usually only available for one year. The 2020 limited colour was a striking purple and black combo.