Audiologic launches Connect brand

Audiologic, the UK provider of professional audio equipment, has announced a new sister brand, Audiologic Connect.

The essence of the brand is to supply high-quality cables and connectors to the retail and trade sectors of the AV industry.

Included in its framework are racks, stage boxes, DI boxes and other ancillary products that are all essential to the success of any AV installation, large or small.

The new Connect service will deliver an ‘engaged’ approach to customer service, inviting clients to discuss their needs in detail and, where necessary, offer bespoke solutions, Audiologic says.

Andy Lewis, sales and marketing manager at the Essex-based distributor, explained the virtues of the new venture: “There’s no getting away from the fact that by any standards, cables and connectors could hardly be described as the sexy side of the AV business,” he said. “Equally, there’s no escape from the reality that very little of the vast array of hi-tech hardware out there is much use without these absolute essentials.

“Audiologic Connect has been set up to cater for the specific requirements of integrators and end-users, whether that’s half a dozen tailor-made speaker cables for a club or the multi-faceted requirements of a large integrated AV installation. Whatever the project, we are able to advise on the best choices, configurations and combinations, in order that the customer achieves the most technically and economically effective solution possible.”

Audiologic Connect consists of Quartex and Procab cabling, to cater for all bulk, bespoke and pre-made requirements, complemented by Neutrik connectors and Caymon stands and racks.

Lewis concluded: “These are high-calibre products – reliable connection underpins every successful AV application and our aim with Audiologic Connect is to properly identify what’s required for a job and go above and beyond simply reeling off cable.”