Mojo Studios Augspurger Monitors

Augspurger kits out Mojo Music Studio with “dream” monitors

Augspurger has installed its class-leading Treo 812cfm main monitor system in Mojo Music Studio, New Hampshire’s oldest working recording studio, to enhance the studio’s sound quality and elevate the recording experiences of its many visiting artists.

The studio has now become the first studio in the state of New Hampshire to be equipped with Augspurger monitors, giving the studio, producers and artists the high-quality playback that they have been longing for.

Established in 1997, Mojo sits in the heart of the White Mountains of Easton, New Hampshire, providing a premium recording space for an eclectic range of artists since its inception. Artists such as Andy Pratt, The Elovaters and Paranoid Social Club have all recorded at Mojo Music Studio as well as many other bands and artists from the greater New England area.

Mojo Studios Augspurger Monitors

The studio is owned and operated by Anthony Cimino, a world-class drummer who grew up performing with his father Joe Cimino, also a local radio host and producer, and his band. Cimino also mixes for reggae and hip-hop artist while specialising in recording live instrumentation for artists across the region.

Anthony Cimino commented on the installation saying: “The crew at Mojo have followed Augspurger for many years so to finally be able to add their speakers to the studio is a dream.”

“We wanted to upgrade to Augspurger monitors after hearing them a few years ago at Quad Studios in NYC. Now fully installed, we are honoured to be the first studio in New Hampshire to have an Augspurger system.”

Dave Malekpour, Founder and President of Augspurger, said: “It was a pleasure to work with Anthony and the team at Mojo on this project. An impressive studio with such rich history deserves the sound to match its quality, and that’s what these monitors are able to deliver”.

For over 20 years, Augspurger® has set the industry standard in studio monitoring thanks to their incredible sonic precision and powerful punch. From smooth, detailed highs to throbbing sub bass (down to 20Hz and below), Augspurger’s unparalleled performance means they are regarded as the ultimate studio monitor.