Augspurger MX-65 MinimaX

Augspurger launches MX-65 MinimaX at Summer NAMM 2021

Studio monitor specialist Augspurger has introduced a new 2-way near-field monitoring setup, which will make its debut at Summer NAMM 2021.

The MX-65 MinimaX is the first product in the brand’s new MX-series which boasts many of the same high-end features as its SOLO and DUO series and aims to put the company’s audio and immersive capabilities in a more compact and portable package.

Designed to enhance the immersive features of Dolby Atmos, the MX-65 delivers 70 x 110 degree dispersion for controlled, highly accurate directivity of the sound.

The MinimaX is built in mirror-image pairs for flexible placement. They can be positioned either horizontally or vertically thanks to the rotatable solid maple horn which operates across more than four octaves, making the product ideal for classic audio recording and post-production rooms.

The MX-65 has been designed to deliver a main monitor experience in a near-field position. What’s more, it’s expandable to a full-range 3-way system with the addition of Augspurger subwoofers. For larger playback spaces where sound needs to travel further,  it can be complemented with the company’s SOLO range.

Like the rest of the Augspurger line, the new MX-65 packs a 99.97% pure beryllium diaphragm.

The MX-series MinimaX will make its debut at Summer NAMM on the Augspurger booth (#212).

The Augspurger MX-65 is set to land in Q4 2021 with a price tag of $10,995.00 per pair, including Augspurger SXE Series amplification, exclusively from Pro Audio Design Inc (US only). Pre-orders are open now at

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