Auralex now shipping QuadFusor

Auralex Acoustics is soon to celebrate its 35th anniversary and is now shipping the QuadFusor Sound Diffusor.

Made from the same Class A flame retardant moulded thermoplastic as Auralex’s T’Fusor, the QuadFusor combines four of the company’s MiniFusors and arrays them in a two-foot by two-foot pattern. The acoustical diffuser is said to be suitable for commercial spaces and can be dropped into a ceiling grid or mounted to a wall or ceiling.

The QuadFusor is designed to combine optimum performance, Class A flame retardancy, smart appearance and competitive pricing. The surface-variable design includes a proprietary ledge and rear cavity that accommodate the insertion of a rigid substrate such as Auralex PlatFoam or acoustical fibreglass, thus improving the device’s diffusion characteristics and adding low-frequency tapping. The QuadFusor is Auralex’s latest addition to their line of acoustical treatment solutions.

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