Austrian Audio launches new large diaphragm condensers

Austrian Audio has introduced the new OC18 and OC818 large diaphragm condenser microphones.

The OC18 features a classic cardioid pick-up pattern, a selectable high-pass filter plus a -10/-20db Pad, whilst the OC818 features multiple patterns, dual outputs for recording its forward-facing and rear-facing capsules independently, and optional Bluetooth wireless control. Both the single-diaphragm OC18 and dual-diaphragm OC818 feature a new handmade ceramic CKR12 capsule.

The OC818 is said to be the first multi-patterned microphone to feature the world’s first wireless pattern and switching control via an optional transmitter/receiver (OCR8) that can be fitted to the rear of the microphone. This feature allows for a previously unheard of 255 discrete polar patterns between figure-of-eight, through all of the cardioid versions and into omnidirectional. The free control software, PolarPilot, will be available for iOS and Android. This all occurs in the analogue domain and there is no processing or conversion of the mic’s signal to digital.

Each microphone will be available in a variety of sets to fit different needs; a Studio Set with a custom Spidermount included, and a Live Set containing a pair of mics:

  • OC818 Studio Set, £879 RRP inc VAT
  • OC818 Live Set, £1579 RRP inc VAT
  • OC18 Studio Set, £599 RRP inc VAT
  • OC18 Live Set, £1149 RRP inc VAT
  • OCR8 Bluetooth Remote, £129 RRP inc VAT

All products will be available May 2019.