Avid announces VENUEPack 4

Avid has announced the launch of VENUEPack 4, a new suite of professional plug-ins and utilities that will come bundled with all venue digital console systems, providing live sound engineers with more creative options.

VENUEPack 4 includes 30 plug-ins from Avid and third party partners including Flux, Focusrite, Joemeek, Line 6 and others.

VENUEPack 4 plug-ins run on all Venue systems and no external plug-in runner or separate laptop is required. They are designed to offer high-quality sound, reliable performance, low latency, automatic delay compensation support and can be controlled from the console surface.

Greg Kopchinski, Avid product manager, said: “VENUE’S intergrated plug-in system eliminates the need for external outboard gear or plug-in runners, giving the user unprecedented created choice. VENUEPack 4 provides a unified set of popular plug-ins for live sound, making it easier than ever for engineers to move between Venue consoles and use the great-sounding low-latency effects they’ve come to appreciate."

The VENUEPack 4 also includes the Flux:: Pure Analyser Essential software application, a modular RTA system that provides mix engineers with a range of live audio analysis and measurement tools when installed on a Mac or Windows-based laptop.

Pure Analyser can also utilise the Flux SampleGrabber plug-in to support direct signal acquisition across an Ethernet network from VENUE system monitor and mix busses.

VENUEPack 4 includes the following plug-ins and utilities:

• Classic Compressors Bundle – Emulations of five coveted hardware processors (includes BF-2A, BF-3A, Purple Audio MC77, Fairchild 660, and Fairchild 670 plug-ins)

• Eleven – Hyper-realistic emulations of the world’s greatest vintage and modern guitar amps

• Flux:: Pure Analyser Essential – Network-driven, real-time signal analysing software

• Focusrite d2 and d3 – Models of the classic Focusrite red equaliser and compressor/limiter

• Impact – Console-style mix bus compressor

• JOEMEEK Bundle – Classic emulations of the SC2 compressor and VC5 Meequaliser

• Line 6 Echo Farm – Models of several classic echo hardware processors and pedals

• Moogerfooger Bundle – Realistic emulations of four classic audio effects and synth modules (includes 12-Stage Phaser, Analog Delay, Lowpass Filter, and Ring Modulator plug-ins)

• Pultec Bundle – Realistic emulations of three vintage Pultec EQs (includes EQH-2, EQP-1A, and MEQ-5 plug-ins)

• Reel Tape Suite – Designed to deliver the warmth and characteristics of analogue tape and machine effects (includes Reel Tape Saturation, Reel Tape Delay, and Reel Tape Flanger plug-ins)

• Reverb One – Reverb processing with complete parameter control

• ReVibe – Optimised room-modeling reverb

• Slightly Rude Compressor – Custom compressor that aims to offer both musical and aggressive qualities

• Smack! – Fool-proof compressor/limiter that provides a wide range of sonic variations and colour

• TL Aggro – Emulation of a vintage analog FET compressor

• Voce Bundle – Emulations of classic vibrato and rotating speaker effects (includes Voce Chorus/Vibrato and Voce Spin plug-ins)

Veteran sound engineer and Avid live sound market specialist, Robert Scovill, will host a free webinar on August 15th at 10am PT (6 pm GMT) to introduce the new VENUEPack 4 plug-in bundle. Scovill will offer an overview of the included plug-ins followed by a deep dive into using Flux Pure Analyser Essential, an exciting new addition to the pack. Attendance capacity is limited, so register today to reserve your spot.

VENUEPack4 is available worldwide now. For VENUEPack 4 pricing please visit avid.com/venue. Existing VENUE owners can upgrade their VENUE systems to VENUEPack 4 at 50 per cent off the standard upgrade price through September 14th 2012 at http://shop.avid.com.

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