Avid presents Dan Dugan live automixing webinar

The recently released Dugan-VN16 option card brings Dan Dugan’s legendary automixing functionality to Avid’s live systems in a modular, integrated solution.

The Dugan-VN16 option card improves operational efficiency by automatically adjusting microphone levels faster than what would be possible using manual workflows. Unlike a noise gate, which can introduce distracting sonic artefacts, Dugan-VN16 utilises real-time voice activation to automatically lower the volume of unused live speech microphones and raise volume when presenters begin speaking. Sound engineers can reduce feedback, comb filtering, and background noise without having to manually adjust levels. 

To help users understand how to maximise the upgrade’s potential Avid is hosting a live webinar featuring their own product designer and veteran live sound engineer, Robert Scovill, along with automating pioneer and Dugan-VN16 designer Dan Dugan.

Along with product demonstrations and a live Q&A session the webinar will help users:

– Learn how to integrate automixing directly into your SC48, FOH Rack-, or Mix Rack-based system
– Experience mixing multiple live microphones without lifting a finger
– See how to reduce unwanted noise and achieve higher-quality results

The webinar takes place 5th December at 7pm GMT (2pm Et). To register, click here.