Avid S3L: It’s Alive!

Following close behind the recent Pro Tools 11 announcements, Avid has launched its new compact live sound platform based on the ‘E3’ HDX-powered processing engine, running AAX plug-ins. The S3L is a “compact and modular networked live sound system” with modular I/O based around the Stage 16 stagebox, expandable to up to 64 mic pres and Ethernet AVB connectivity. The network can accommodate dasiy-chained I/O for a redundant, self-healing network ring and allows direct connection to computer for 64 channels of direct audio recording/playback. The new S3 control surface will be fully EUCON compatible, so you can use to control not only the S3L system, but also any Pro Tools system or other EUCON compliant software.
Being based around VENUE software, all VENUE showfiles are compatible. However, there are some new S3L-optimised functions. These include a new Media page, EQ and dynamics on outputs, drag-and-drop device features, and enhanced Virtual Soundcheck.

Other features include direct Flashdrive playback and playlist integration with VENUE snapshots and events, a large suite of bundled AAX plug-ins, S3 local I/O. The E3 engine includes a buss count of 24 aux, LCR, eight mono matrix, and eight VCA. It can run a four-band parameteric EQ, compressor/limiter, and expander/gate on all inputs and outputs, and has 16 graphic EQs available to the system.

Systems start at £12,200/€14,800.