Avid unveils Pro Tools 2019.5

Avid has announced the immediate availability of Pro Tools 2019.5, which provides support for macOS Mojave and offers more power for working with high track-counts and demanding audio post productions.

The latest version of the digital audio workstation aims to boost power and performance for every level of user, enabling them to work faster and more creatively on the most complex projects.

For users working in high track-count environments, such as audio post production, Pro Tools | Ultimate delivers 50 per cent more voices/audio tracks than previous versions. In addition to this base voice limit increase to 384, Pro Tools | Ultimate software and HD Native customers will be able to further increase the number of available voices up to 768 per system – on par with a three-card Pro Tools | HDX system – with the addition of native Pro Tools | Ultimate Voice Packs.

The ability to scale the number of voices in Pro Tools | Ultimate software enables a greater degree of flexibility and power to tackle the most demanding work and when working in tandem with high-powered HDX systems.

This new release has enhanced playback features that enable more fluid creativity in the software. Users can perform seamless track and timeline interactions during playback – inserting plugins, adding or deleting tracks, changing routing, adjusting loop duration and more.

“This is a huge release, because not only do we get a massive increase in power – with more voices in Pro Tools | Ultimate – but the speed is unbelievable,” said re-recording mixer Jonathan Wales. “Not having the playback stop while inserting plugins or routing tracks is an incredible revelation and will only encourage creativity further.”

For Pro Tools | First users, they can now create and save an unlimited number of projects locally, and can selectively sync up to three projects to their complementary cloud storage.

For facilities and institutions, Avid has also announced the availability of Pro Tools Multiseat Network Site Licensing, which enables easy administration of multiple Pro Tools seats from a single account and local server.

“Our goal was to deliver new features for every kind of user, whether they’re working in audio post production, or music creation, and whether they’re a Pro Tools | First user just starting out or a Pro Tools | Ultimate user at the peak of their career,” said Rob D’Amico, director, Audio Solutions Marketing at Avid. “Every year, we continually deliver Pro Tools updates to subscribers throughout the year, giving them the capabilities they need to deliver their best possible sound and keep their creativity flowing.”

For the full list of Pro Tools 2019.5 features visit www.avid.com/products/pro-tools-ultimate/whats-new