Avid’s Bobby Lombardi discusses Sibelius, heads up product development

Having just been installed as head of product development for Avid’s Sibelius, Bobby Lombardi speaks to Audio Pro International editor Daniel Gumble about his plans to reinvigorate the brand and satisfy the concerns of the ‘Save Sibelius’ campaigners…

How did you come to take on the position of head of product development for Sibelius?

I had previously been heading product development for Pro Tools hardware and software products when I learned about the staffing changes at Sibelius. I decided to volunteer for the role as I thought my academic background in music composition and experience in product development would be a good match for the Sibelius portfolio of products.

What was your response to the growing concern in the world of social media following the closure of the Finsbury Park office?

I felt very sympathetic with the users and could see the growing uncertainty surrounding the future of Sibelius product development. It’s one of the main reasons I wanted to assist with the transition of the development team and ensure that the Sibelius product offerings stay strong.

What can you tell us about the development status of Sibelius?

The Finsbury Park development team is still very actively working on Sibelius and Scorch and expects to have update releases to both products in the coming months. Ongoing development for the next major versions of Sibelius and Scorch will transition to the new development teams, however, several of the new features for Sibelius are currently in progress and headed by the Finsbury Park staff.

What is your key message to Sibelius users unsure as to what they can expect regarding its future?

Avid is committed to the development of the Sibelius and Scorch platforms. The best thing we (Avid) can do to assure the user community is by having consistent update releases and innovative new product releases that address customer needs.

What are the company’s plans regarding new versions of Sibelius?

Avid plans on releasing a new version of the Sibelius application in 2013 and will be actively reaching out to expert users and collaborate on the design of the new features and improvements.

Will users still be able to contact the support team directly?

Yes, the support teams will still be taking calls.

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