BASSBOSS Announces MK3 Line Update

BASSBOSS is taking its professional speaker products to the next level with the announcement of the MK3 line update, adding performance gains and user experience enhancements across the brand’s entire line of highly regarded products.

Featuring an all-new 96kHz sampling rate DSP, weather-isolated inputs, waterproof power connectors, global power compatibility, improved power allocation, and a brand-new control software for remote management, the MK3 update confirms BASSBOSS is committed to providing quality, convenience, and performance to their customers.

“The purpose of an immaculate sound system is to facilitate the transfer of images, textures, emotions, and states of being from the imagination of the artist directly to the imagination of the listener. Listening should feel like being plugged-in to the heart and soul of the artist and it should facilitate the transportation of the listener to another realm of experience,” noted BASSBOSS Designer and President, David Lee. “Any deterioration of the signal degrades the quality of that experience and disrespects the art. The updates and upgrades to the MK3 line were all made in service of that goal.”

The upgraded DSP in the MK3 series features significantly more processing power. The 96kHz sampling rate, double that of previous generations, yields a higher digital audio resolution, a lower noise floor, and even greater fidelity than ever before. For quick adjustments, the onboard touch-of-a-button DSP now offers 8 precisely tailored preset alignment curves. Navigation through these presets has been further enhanced by allowing instant switching without any audible dropouts or artifacts.

The new integrated 2-port networking switch allows for cascade LAN configurations and the ability to access a nearly unlimited number of presets in the highly intuitive ControlBASS remote software. If users aren’t physically near their speakers, they now have the option to change presets remotely using ControlBASS. The easy-to-use Mac and Windows application will allow users to monitor system status for their cabinets, control levels, and conveniently update to newly released processing options via an internet-based upload function. Along with a host of other features such as remote diagnostic monitoring and loudspeaker group architecture, the MK3 series truly allows users to take control of their systems.

In addition to the all-new DSP, BASSBOSS has updated their amplifiers to greatly improve power utilization. “For example, the previous amplifier in the DV12 was rated at 3000W total, with the maximum power available to the woofer being 1600W, but the tweeter couldn’t possibly take advantage of the 1400 watts that were available on the second channel,” explained Lee. “Since the demand for power is overwhelmingly on the woofer side that arrangement didn’t allow for the ultimate performance of the system. The new amplifier is asymmetrical, so a much larger channel drives the woofer with up to 2400 Watts, while a smaller, 800W channel still provides an abundance of power for the tweeter.”

With 90-250VAC compatibility in all MK3 series power supplies, not only can the products be used worldwide, they can also be configured to run more efficiently on generators and power distribution systems.

“These products allow you to take music anywhere you want it, but sometimes weather can be a concern,” explained Lee. “In order to give you one less thing to worry about, we included waterproof power connectors and an internally isolated input section.” The new MK3 line features rugged Neutrik powerCON TOP (True Outdoor Protection) power connectors, providing IP65 level protection for peace of mind wherever the music happens.