Bastille storms Europe and the US with Sennheiser

Bastille’s current European and US tour is proving successful, with Sennheiser microphones and in-ear monitors playing an integral part in their sonic achievements.

Front of house engineer Paul Cooper has been working with the band for the past two years.

“I’ve been using Sennheiser drum microphones, the 900 series in particular, for a long time,” says Paul. “I know how they sit and where their strengths lie, so it saves a lot of time with sound checking and quick festival turnarounds.

“I’ve had Dan Smith (lead vocals) on a 900 series vocal mic since day one. He started with the 935, but now they’re playing bigger stages – which means less cymbal and background spill – we’ve gone to the 965. Dan’s voice has a very particular area where it fits into the mix – the Sennheiser 965 suits it more than anything else I’ve tried him with and makes any drastic EQ unnecessary.

“We’ve recently added a G3 wireless system to the 965 capsule and he’s really enjoying the stage freedom that it provides.”

Paul and monitor engineer Ben Kingman have also moved the band on to in-ear monitors, the Sennheiser EW 300 G3 IEM.