BBC picks Sony DWX series for digital wireless duties

Sony Professional‘s DWX digital wireless systems are now in place at the BBC and being used on a wide range of programmes.

The products are now part of the production set-up for all of the UK terrestrial broadcasters’ news-gathering functions.

Following extensive testing of the various digital wireless options on the market, the BBC has now equipped its news teams with DWX systems – supplied by Visual Impact Northern.

“Sony’s dual-channel digital radio microphones set a new standard, providing incredibly high quality audio, build quality, transmission range and stability of signal – all priced very competitively compared to other ‘high-end’ systems on the market,” Nigel Stansbie of Visual Impact Northern commented.

Bill Drummond, strategic marketing manager, Sony Professional Europe, added: “Last year saw broadcasters under a lot of pressure to make the transition from Channel 69 to Channel 38 and it’s the job of manufacturers to ensure this happens as seamlessly as possible.

"Sony’s digital wireless audio technology enabled broadcasters and production teams to carry on with business as usual during what could have been a challenging period. Together with our specialist dealers, we’ve seen a strong uptake for our digital audio solutions.”

Sony’s professional digital radio mic line-up includes the portable DWR-S02D dual-channel receiver, DWT-B01 beltpack transmitter, DWT-P01 XLR ‘plug-in’ transmitter and DWM-02 hand-held transmitters, along with rackmount receivers for large scale studio production or outside broadcasts.

The manufacturer’s products have already proved successful on productions such as The Apprentice and The Voice, with Richard Meredith Broadcast Audio using a 22-channel system for the popular shows.

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