BBC Scotland, The Warehouse Sound inspire with AES lectures

A special event organised by the Audio Engineering Society Scottish Group and hosted at Edinburgh Napier University recently has been praised as one of its most successful to date.

Focusing on front-of-house sound, leading staff from BBC Scotland and pro-audio company The Warehouse Sound Services presented to over 100 students in audio-related education and industry professionals.

The event kicked off with Andrew Britton, operations resource manager at BBC Scotland, who explained the law and regulations for front-of-house sound and noise-at-work regulations.

It was followed by a presentation from The Warehouse Sound Services. The lecture drew upon The Warehouse’s unique perspective and experience, and outlined the creative and technical challenges of working in a front-of-house environment.

Pete Harris, sound hire manager at The Warehouse and Derek Blair, the company’s director discussed what it was like to work FOH as part of Scotland’s biggest pro-audio provider. Harris and Blair outlined the way in which The Warehouse Sound Services works with performers, instrument technicians and stage managers to perform sound-checks, ensure that all equipment is working properly and that the audience hears and experiences ‘the ultimate performance.’

Harris explained to the students that front-of-house engineering requires a good ear and the ability to work well under pressure, describing the way in which FOH engineers diligently work to find the best possible mix for the performer and venue.

Blair also stressed the importance of keeping up with the constant advances in live sound technology and the requirement for constant learning. “The pro-audio business is ever-evolving and the main challenge our industry faces is finding high calibre staff who are switched on and excited by the new technology. It was amazing to find a room full of excited and switched on students eager to learn and advance in the industry,” he said.

David Moore, AES Scotland chair, added, “This talk was definitely one of the stand-out events of the year! This was a rare opportunity for students to listen to three of the countries leading professionals as they shared their unique perspectives in the field of audio.”