B&C Speakers acquires Eighteen Sound and Ciare brands

B&C Speakers has revealed that its purchase of transducer manufacturer Eighteen Sound and loudspeaker company Ciare was completed in mid-December.

The deal comes two years after Eighteen Sound acquired Ciare.

"We are proud to add Eighteen Sound and Ciare to our group, and we look forward to offering both brands access to more resources. We can now blend our knowledge in manufacturing and development, helping to offer an improved product range, build quality and overall customer experience,” said B&C CEO Lorenzo Coppini.

Eighteen Sound’s 2015 acquisition of Ciare came just months after the two companies initially entered into a strategic agreement where Eighteen assumed handling of all of Ciare’s worldwide sales. Ciare then rebranded shortly after this acquisition.

Ron Tizzard, director of sales for B&C, said, ”These are two great brands that each have a strong culture and legacy that we hope to build on. Both Eighteen Sound and Ciare already have many dedicated OEM customers, and a well developed distribution network that will require few changes."

The three brands will appear together for the first time at the upcoming NAMM Show, taking place in Anaheim, California from 25-28 January.

Founded in 1946, transducer manufacturer B&C Speakers operates out of a nearly 14,000-square-meter, production and R&D facility in Florence, Italy.