Before Noon Post taps Focusrite RedNet for Dante networking

Focusrite RedNet has been helping Emmy Award-winning audio post-production facility Before Noon Post improve its throughput and workflow, increasing productivity and efficiency.

The 5.1-surround mixing suite built around a large Pro Tools | HD-Icon mixing system and based in Studio City is owned by Peter Cole, who has completed projects over the last two decades for some leading animation titles and companies, including Fox’s Futurama, Comedy Central’s Kid Notorious, TBS’s Tarantula and Netflix’s F is For Family.

Cole, who has racked up three Emmy Awards and two additional nominations for Film Sound Editing, has invested heavily in Dante infrastructure and Focusrite’s RedNet range of Dante-networked audio converters and interfaces:

  • one RedNet A16R 16-channel analogue I/O interface;
  • one RedNet X2P 2×2 Dante audio interface
  • two RedNet AM2 stereo audio monitoring units
  • one Red 4Pre 58-In / 64-Out Thunderbolt 2 and Pro Tools|HD compatible audio interface

“My entire signal flow is now all Dante, thanks largely to RedNet,” he said. “I’ve eliminated patch bays and tons of spaghetti wiring — placing the [RedNet] A16R near the speakers has eliminated about 50 feet of wire to the speakers. It’s cleaned up my signal path and studio workflow immensely.”

Cole says the X2P is able to sit out in the studio when he needs to record a quick voiceover and offers remote control over all of its parameters while locking out the controls on the unit itself next to the voice talent, leaving them able to control over their volume and free to concentrate on their delivery.

Currently, Before Noon Post is working on season three of Netflix’s animated sitcom F Is For Family with sound designer Chris Trent and re-recording mixer Shaun Cunningham.