Behringer releases new ‘studio command centre’

Behringer’s new XENYX CONTROL2USB studio monitoring mixer is now available from retailers worldwide.

Featuring ‘comprehensive stereo and mono I/O and mixing functionality,’ the CONTROL2USB is designed to act as a studio’s command and communication centre, distributing a wide range of signal sources to headphones and studio monitors.

Aimed at both professional and home studio users, the CONTROL2USB features three independent and adjustable Monitor outputs to connect up to three sets of studio monitors; two powerful headphone amplifiers with separate volume controls; and dual 12-segment LED meters with input/output source switch.

CONTROL2USB’s large volume knob utilises Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) technology for precision level adjustment, which makes makes even minute level adjustments fast and accurate, while the four stereo inputs provide access to a CD or MP3 player, keyboards and drum machines – and even a turntable, thanks to the built-in high-end RIAA preamp.

USB connectivity allows the user to send and receive tracks from a computer/DAW as well, which seamlessly connects the analogue and digital realm.

Finally, a built-in Talkback mic enables communication directly with the talent, and there’s also a footswitch jack for activating the mic.