Beijing’s ‘first world-class studio’ opens its doors

Walters-Storyk Design Group (WSDG) has announced the completion of Beijing’s 55TEC Recording Studios, which it says ‘represents a new level of production sophistication for China’.

The studio was created by WSDG, and saw studio owner and Golden Melody Award-winning recording engineer Li You join forces with Wu Yongheng, (AKA Bei Bei, a well-known drummer and record producer in China) and leading pro audio exec Lizzy Zhou to address the country’s rapidly expanding desire for pop and rock music.

“With China now acknowledged as the world’s second largest economy, we have seen a huge increase in the market for popular music. Over the past ten years a number of major artists have developed tremendously loyal followings here. China’s appreciation of recorded music is enjoying phenomenal growth," said Li You. "As our discretionary income increases, and as talented new artists create music that appeals to large numbers of fans, this time in our history appears ideal to establish a recording studio and record label to meet this demand.”

With the aim being to create the highest quality recordings possible, Lizzy Zhou reached out to WSDG. “Founding partner, architect/acoustician John Storyk, has a global reputation for outstanding studio design,” Zhou remarked. “WSDG studios are exemplary, from Jimi Hendrix’s historic Electric Lady in 1970 to NY’s Jungle City and Paul Epworth’s amazing The Church Studios in London, both of which are highlights of WSDG’s 11 TEC Award-winners list, [and] made them our only choice.

“WSDG partner/project manager Joshua Morris did an excellent job of coordinating this international project. His experience and professionalism helped make a complex process extremely efficient and gratifying. WSDG partner/director of design Renato Cipriano traveled from Brazil to perform the final room tuning, and the speakers in our control rooms sound absolutely incredible. We could not be happier with our beautiful new recording studio."

Ensconced in the basement of a residential building in one of Beijing’s most exclusive quarters, the 5,000 sqft 55TEC complex is structured to meet the most sophisticated recording requirements.

WSDG partner Sergio Molho reports that the Studio A control room has been precisely tuned to provide ‘a superlative listening environment,’ fabricated with extensive perforated wood and slotted metal wall and ceiling panelling, and highlighted by a custom rear wall diffuser. A striking glass-framed image of a vintage Teletronix compressor/limiter tuning knob is positioned on the wall to the left of the console and opposite the soundproof window into the 500 sqft live room (pictured, above).

The 55TEC management team’s technical expertise enabled them to outfit their studio with equipment such as an API 1608 console; Quested Q412D, QSB118 and Barefoot MM35 speakers; Burl B80 Mothership; Pro Tools HDX and a host of outboard gear housed in a custom-built desk (pictured, above).

Built for mastering/post, Studio B’s 230 sqft control room and 150 sqft iso room meet the same exacting acoustical standards. Studio B (pictured, below) features an Apogee Symphony 64, Grace Design M905, Meyer Sound HD-1 and B&W Nautilus 801 Speakers and Jeff Rowland Amplifier.

“We were honored to have been selected to design this important new studio, and to have had the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to China’s thriving pro audio industry,” Sergio Molho said. “Li You, Bei Bei and Lizzy Zhou, have impressed us with both their enthusiasm and their realistic business plan. They have built a world-class studio, and they are developing an incredible group of artists. They share a deep affection for music, and they are fully committed to creating a meaningful place in China’s (and the world’s) musical community. We will watch their success with great interest and pride in having helped them create their wonderful new studio."