Berklee College of Music invests in AMS Neve

Berklee College of Music recently unveiled its new 16-storey, 10-studio complex, designed by Walters-Storyk Design Group (WSDG). One of the largest, most progressive professional audio teaching/production/performance complexes in the US, it also boasts two Neve 88RS consoles. 

Studio 1 houses a Neve 88RS recording console, which offers 60 channels and automation. The largest recording studio at Berklee, it rivals many major Hollywood studios, making it the ideal learning lab in which to prepare its students for work within the music and entertainment industry. With 2,200sqft to offer, it allows for recording with large ensembles and orchestras of up to 50 musicians.

Berklee’s second Neve 88RS, with 48 channels and automation, sits at the centre of Studio 2. 

Rob Jaczko, chairman of Music Production and Engineering said: "At Berklee College of Music, our philosophy is to purchase only definitive professional tools to train our students. Having done extensive research of scoring stages and large-format tracking studios in London, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and beyond, Neve was always in the equation. We can’t be more excited about the sound, flexibility, and functionality of these desks. We look forward to training future generations of audio professionals on these consoles."