Berklee Online announces first Master of Music in Film Scoring programme

Following the launch of its first online Master’s degree programmes in 2018, Berklee Online has now announced its new Master of Music in Film Scoring programme.

The programme – which will officially start in January 2020, with applications launching on May 13 – aims to provide students with the skills and confidence to compose music to match any visual presentation that a filmmaker provides.

Widely recognised among the top music schools, Berklee College of Music in Boston launched Berklee Online in 2002 as an online option for attending their classes. Over the past 17 years, the online school has grown to offer award-winning music courses, certificate and Bachelor’s degree programmes, and now a successful online Master’s degree programme. They are the world’s largest online music school, teaching more than 11,000 students per year through their online degree and non-degree programmes.

“The programme features a powerhouse faculty from Berklee’s Film Scoring department and the industry, and they are excited to work with students from around the world to develop their unique voices as composers,” said Carin Nuernberg, vice president of Online Education for Berklee Online. “Students will have the opportunity to learn through one-on-one and group instruction with real-world, versatile outcomes that pave the way for career opportunities.”

The Master of Music in Film Scoring programme will teach students how to analyse a given film score on multiple musical and dramatic levels, articulate a unique compositional voice, compose in a wide variety of styles, produce a remote recording session with a professional orchestra, create real-sounding orchestral mockups, navigate the complexities of working in the film industry, collaborate with directors, and much more.

Courses in the programme include Orchestral Mockup in Film Scoring, Film Score Analysis, Composing the Film Score, Compositional Voice Development in Film Scoring, Orchestrating the Film Score with Live Sessions, and more.

“Berklee Online’s Master of Music in Film Scoring programme combines two of Berklee’s greatest strengths: award-winning online learning and industry-leading film scoring education,” said programme director Alison Plante. “Two unique aspects of this Master of Music degree include its advanced coursework and student projects recorded remotely with a professional orchestra, a common industry practice and an experience not provided by other online degrees.”

Interested students can sign up for more information.