Berlin Philharmonic switches to Studer Vista 9

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, Berlin Philharmonic has equipped its Chamber Music Hall with a Studer Vista 9 console.

The auditorium offers excellent acoustics, and regularly hosts an array of concerts that are broadcast from the Studio 11 production room to both German and international fans.

The desk was supplied by Studer’s German distributor Audio Pro, which also fitted the system with 512 additional audio channels in the form of optical MADI interfaces.

As well as 80 analogue and 24 digital inputs/outputs, the Vista 9 features 240 DSP channels operating at 48 kHz or 96 kHz. “The additional MADI interfaces allows 64 channels to connect to the digital workstation, while the remaining channels are connected to the Great Hall,” said Mirsat Neziraj of the Berlin Philharmonic. “Even though Studio 11 production is not assigned exclusively to the Chamber Music Hall, it is used amongst other studios, as a mixing space for recordings or broadcasts from this venue."

Increasingly popular with record companies and broadcasters for their own productions, Studio 11 also services the Philharmonic’s ‘Digital Concert Hall’, an online platform that allows people from all over the world to see and hear the orchestra’s concerts, either live or ‘on demand’. A Soundcraft Vi6 – once part of the production studio – can now be found in the new Studio 12.

“The consistent and fast operating concept of the Studer Vista has impressed us from the start,” added Marco Buttgereit, a member of the audio team. “Because we often have guest sound engineers using our studios, it is important that they are able to familiarise themselves quickly with the technology. The intuitive, easy to operate Vistonics interface of Studer’s Vista range was the key reason why we chose this solution for the studio.”

International performances are also promoted in the Great Hall, along with local music and jazz concerts – all mixed on the Vista 9 in Studio 11 as well.

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