BEST OF 2013: Amadeus? ML 28 subwoofer

Amadeus launched its new ML 28 subwoofer back in September.

According to the manufacturer, the new dual 18-inch sub has received a "warm welcome" across the European and Asian markets.

The company sold out of its ML 28 stock in less than two weeks recently and the product is apparently getting a great reception in the above territories.

Gaetan Byk, marketing manager at Amadeus, described the genesis of the ML 28, which was initially designed for the Chinese market: “Custom-made product manufacturing – following acoustical or technical issues, as well as market demand – is a glorious tradition at Amadeus, which serves this philosophy. The new ML 28 is the concrete expression of this ethos.”

Wymen Wong is CEO of Sign King, the exclusive Amadeus distributor for Hong Kong, Macau and China. Sign King worked with Amadeus to develop the new ML 28 subwoofer for the needs of their customers in East and South East Asia.

Wong commented: “The ML 28 subwoofer is aimed at rental companies and entertainment infrastructures in China, including sporting and leisure sites, live music clubs, performing arts centres and various nightlife venues. We have been impressed by the Amadeus history, its company values and savoir-faire, and the way it maintains very close relationships with their production teams, so it seemed natural to ask them to develop this new subwoofer project.”

The ML 28 is equipped with two 18-inch high-power transducers with ventilated voice coils, including high-density neodymium magnets and Double Silicon Spider components to improve excursion control and linearity. The ML 28 offers a sound pressure level of up to 141 dB with a power handling capacity of 5,600 Watts at nominal four-ohm impedance.

Revealing a proprietary manufacturing technique, applied to ML 28, Amadeus co-founder and CEO Bernard Byk explained: “A unique construction technique, resulting from a unique marriage of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology creates a dramatic cut in the level of cabinet colouration of the sound using a longitudinal and transverse reinforcement crossed structure.”

Designed to be used on the road for live events, and fitted with accessories to make handling easier, the ML 28 can also be used within fixed installations for low-end sound reinforcement.

Contact Details

Phone: 00 331 64 67 02 47
Address: Atelier 33 SA, 18 Rue Marc Seguin ZI Mitry Compans, 77290 Mitry Mory, France

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