BeTV invests in J?nger Audio

Belgian TV station BeTV has become the first broadcaster in the country to invest in Jünger Audio’s T*AP television audio processors.

The Brussels-based station has installed the T*AP television audio processors into its transmission chain so that it can control audio loudness levels across its entire output. Ten units were supplied by Jünger Audio’s Belgium dealer APEX NV.

Paulin Deiautte, Engineering and Maintenance manager at BeTV, explained: “We have been working with Dolby equipment for some years on one HD channel and are now increasing our number of HD channels, while also adding loudness control on each. We found Junger Audio’s T*AP units corresponded exactly to our needs as they offer compact material, clear management, one band audio for loudness treatment, integration with Dolby technology and engineering dialogue, all in a very easy to use format.”

While tackling audio loudness has a commercial issue for some time, it has recently become even more important as a regulatory one, as governments and standards organisations across the globe insist on specific loudness control. Each of Jünger Audio loudness solutions support all known loudness standards, including ITU, EBU and ATSC.

Peter Pors, managing director of Jünger Audio, said: “Our loudness control products such as T*AP have been installed in numerous broadcast facilities around the world because they offer a simple and highly effective solution to solving the problem of audio loudness. The key to their success is our LEVEL MAGIC adaptive control algorithm that can adjust the audio level from any source at any time, with no pumping, breathing or distortion. Broadcasters have recognised the benefit of using LEVEL MAGIC and are increasingly choosing it for line and real time processing.”

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