Big Noise Institute introduces Fairlight-focused course

Audio students and professionals worldwide will soon be able to achieve certification in Fairlight’s digital audio technology thanks to a new course being developed by Florida-based Big Noise Institute (BNI).

Established in 2015 by Mark Matthews and Robin Sibucao, BNI offers a range of courses covering subjects such as audio production and studio equipment fundamentals, as well as live sound reinforcement and post production. Big Noise Institute promises a "real world” educational certification programme for audio technology that specialises in training students for the professional audio, recording, broadcast and film industries.

BNI’s Fairlight Post Engineering Certification, which starts in February 2016, will provide students with a pathway to learn about the company’s professional post production systems. This certification is not restricted to BNI students and is available to all interested parties.

"The aim of this course is to create a group of certified engineers who can make their in-depth knowledge available to the professional post production market," Matthews said. "The course is designed to be beneficial to Fairlight’s user base and partners, as well as to our students who will acquire useful and marketable skills relating to one of the industry’s most advanced digital audio technologies.

Philip Belcher, Fairlight’s CEO, added: "We are delighted to have BNI offer Fairlight Certification programmes that will enable engineers and the production organisations they work for to take full advantage of Fairlight’s innovative technologies and superior workflow capabilities. As a long standing innovator in audio technology, Fairlight realises that great technology is only part of the solution. Having highly skilled people is essential and BNI’s programmes address this critical requirement in the market for Fairlight certified engineers."

Although BNI offers classroom-based study, the Fairlight Post Engineering Certification course will be delivered online using interactive learning technology, enabling a wider number of students to take part, regardless of their geographic location. For more details, contact BNI at