Billboard Live Tokyo club marks 10 years with JBL VTX Series install

Billboard Live Tokyo recently upgraded its sound system with a full JBL by Harman Professional VTX Series solution provided by sound and visuals specialist Hibino.

Billboard Live is a club and restaurant that hosts more than 200 performances each year. Celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2017, Billboard Live decided to upgrade their sound system with an audio solution that would “earn them global acclaim for another 10 years to come”. 

Billboard Live hired sound and visual specialist Hibino to supply a top-tier sound system that could deliver stellar sound for any type of music – from acoustic performances to full-scale pop productions. After hearing the clarity and precision of the JBL VTX Series speakers, Billboard Live knew they were a perfect fit.

“The level of detail that the VTX Series provides is exactly what we were looking for,” said the planner of Billboard Live Tokyo. “When we were listening to CDs during the system tests, the VTX Series made us feel like we were actually in the recording studio. They can recreate every little detail of a performance – you can even hear performers breathing on stage.”

Billboard Live Tokyo also used the upgrade as an opportunity to reconfigure the design of their sound system for more efficient low-end coverage. Located within the Tokyo Midtown complex in Roppongi, the venue sprawls across three floors, making it difficult to deliver sufficient low frequencies to the upper levels, especially with ground-stacked subwoofers. To solve this challenge, Hibino flew two VTX-G28 subwoofers near the ceiling on either side of the stage, as well as two slightly lower VTX-S25 subwoofers between the line arrays to provide controlled low-end distribution across all three floors.

“We’ve received many compliments about the improvement of the sound,” said the technical director of Billboard Live TOKYO. “The richness and response of the VTX Series is just superb, and by flying the subs we were able to evenly distribute low-frequencies throughout the venue.”

Along with the VTX Series line array speakers and subs, Hibino deployed VTX-F12 loudspeakers as outside fills to provide even coverage on the far sides of the stage. Utilising the same D2 Dual Driver technology as the VTX Series, the VTX-F12 blends seamlessly with the main speakers while providing wider horizontal coverage. In order to provide crystal-clear monitoring on stage, Hibino deployed VTX-M20 speakers as floor monitors.

“Even the monitors in the VTX Series sound great,” said the planner of Billboard Live Tokyo. “The stage sound meshes really well with the main mix. With the VTX-M20 monitors performers can clearly hear themselves on stage and our FOH engineers can easily dial in a great mix without having to fight the stage noise. Plus the low profile means they look great on camera, and they don’t disturb the view for the audience.”