Black Lion Audio unveils debut portable audio interface Revolution 2×2

Black Lion Audio has launched its first ever bus-powered portable audio interface in the form of the Revolution 2×2.

The Revolution 2×2 utilises Black Lion Audio’s new Macro-MMC clocking technology, based on its numerous clocking products and modifications, while the company’s AD/DA (Analogue-Digital/ Digital-Analogue) converter technology provides Revolution 2×2 users with what it describes as ‘record-making power’.

Meanwhile, Revolution 2×2 internally integrates Black Lion Audio’s PG-i technology, with all power rails highly filtered in every active stage. It is also built with high-end ICs (Integrated Circuits) with  Vishay, Nichicon, and Wima capacitors incorporated. 

Revolution 2×2’s software suite comes with Studio One Artist and selected plugins from Brainworx, iZotope; and Plugin Alliance.

“Revolution 2×2 will begin shipping in February 2021 but initial supply will be constrained due to the shortage of the premium components chosen by our engineers for this interface,” said Black Lion Audio COO Preston Whiting. “We could have subbed in alternative parts for the sake of speed but the sound would have been compromised and we refuse to do anything that negatively affects the experience of our customers or audio quality of our products.”

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