Blue unveils ‘world’s most versatile tube mic system’

Blue Microphones has revealed the Bottle Mic Locker, which combines Blue’s flagship Bottle microphone with a variable sensitivity power supply and four interchangeable classic capsules. 

The Bottle Mic Locker, which the manufacturer is calling ‘the world’s most versatile tube mic system in one package,’ comes housed in a custom laser-cut SKB hard shell case for portability and protection.

The Bottle mic is a fully discrete Class A tube circuit powered by a hand-selected EF86 pentode vacuum tube in triode mode. The hand-wound transformer – made of silver wire around nickel plates – is designed to deliver precision and accuracy due to the high conductivity that silver offers. The Bottle also utilises high quality electronic components with absolutely zero pad or low-cut filter switches in the microphone circuit.

Bottle Mic Locker includes four Bottle Caps, listed below along with Blue’s descriptions of what they offer:

B0 Bottle Cap – silky, extended presence
B6 Bottle Cap – classic warmth, larger than life sound
B7 Bottle Cap – vintage detailed mids with airy presence
B8 Bottle Cap – crystal-clear sound with incredible detail

Each of the four capsules are hot-swappable, making the process of auditioning mics faster and easier. The Bottle Mic Locker ships with the Power Stream, which, as well as being a precision-engineered power supply for delivering clean, consistent power to the Bottle, is also a tool that allows the user to vary the polarisation voltage, thereby fine-tuning the sound of the Bottle to capture the unique sonics and character of the vocalist or instrument.

The Bottle Mic Locker (US MSRP $5,999) will is available this month from authorised Blue retailers.