Blues in Hell festival looks to iLive

For the fourth consecutive year, Allen & Heath’s iLive systems have been used for Norway’s Blues in Hell festival.

The event, which takes place in the village of Hell in the Nord-Trondelag area of Norway, saw iLive digital mixing systems take care of FOH and monitors.

Norwegian PA company Sceneservice, provided sound, light and staging for the festival, selecting an iDR10 MixRack with iLive-144 control surface for FOH and an iDR-32 MixRack and a xDR-16 expander rack with iLive-T80 Surface for monitors. There was also an analogue split to provide a broadcast feed.

“Our experiences with the iLive system have proven it to be very reliable, nicely compact for small venues, and always sounds amazing. It is also very easy to teach guest engineers about it, even during change over at a busy festival,” commented Stein Larsen from Sceneservice.

“We have been using the iLive iPad app for some while and trust it totally, and we are looking forward to exploring the Dante networking option for multi-track recording.”

As well as the Magic Mirror tent –the event’s main tent – some performances were staged in the Værnes Church; Norway’s oldest stone building, from the year 1100.

“We used our iDR-32 and iLive-T112 for this beautiful, 400-capacity venue, which featured a performance by local singer, Siri Bones. I can only describe the sound with the overused expression ‘crystal clear’, even Siri’s lowest whisper was audible at the back of the church,” concluded Larsen.