Bob McCarthy confirmed as keynote for 59th AES Conference

The Audio Engineering Society (AES) has named Meyer Sound’s director of system optimization Bob McCarthy as the keynote speaker for the 59th International AES Conference next month.

The event takes place at McGill University in Montreal, Canada on 15-17 July 2015, with an emphasis on Sound Reinforcement Engineering and Technology.

Known for being an international authority on sound system design and optimisation, McCarthy is also an educator and published author. His keynote speech, ‘Sound Systems Tuning and Optimization Made Simple and Affordable,’ will take place on the first day of the Conference (Wednesday 15 July) at 2pm.

McCarthy has been a pivotal figure in the development of all three generations of Meyer’s Source Independent Measurement system (SIM) and a leading educator in sound system measurement and tuning. His book, Sound Systems: Design and Optimization, is considered by many to be a definitive work in the field.

He has designed countless systems around the world of all scales and types and has optimised systems for numerous prestigious sound designers, including more than 10 Cirque du Soleil productions and seven productions of Wicked.

Professor Wieslaw Woszczyk of McGill University, co-chair of the 59th AES Conference, said: "Bob McCarthy’s keynote presentation should not be missed by anyone who strives for excellence in live sound reinforcement."