Bosch DCN system for EU conference

The first Stakeholder Conference on the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region took place in Athens in 2014. The European Commission organized the meeting of the eight participant nations and more than 650 participants in co-operation with the host nation at the Divani Caravel Hotel. In addition to the Foreign Affairs Ministers of four EU members Croatia, Greece, Italy and Slovenia, four non-EU members – Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia – also took part in the talks.

Panagiotis Podimatas, head of P.C. Podimatas Audiovisual, was charged with the responsibility for furnishing technical support to the meeting of ministers. He understood both of the difficulties and of the critical nature of the task and opted for the DCN multimedia conference system from Bosch.

"We conducted simulations prior to the event, leaving nothing to chance," explained Podimatas. "The decision to opt for the Multimedia Device was absolutely the right one as the DCN multimedia System functioned perfectly. Furthermore, we actually managed to surprise our clients with this state-of-the-art system. They were impressed by both the quality and modern design of the conference solution."

The DCN multimedia System comprised one central Audio Powering Switch and a Multimedia Device for each participant. These Multimedia Devices are equipped with touchscreens that can be used to access audio, video or conference materials as well as the internet. Further features include a built-in two-way speaker system and an unobtrusive, pluggable microphone that uses high-directive technology and allows ultra-clear speech, without the speaker constantly having to pay attention to the location of the microphone. 

As Murat Keskinkilinc, marketing manager EMEA – Conference Systems with Bosch Security Systems, pointed out: "The interactive system adds value to every aspect of a meeting, giving participants more involvement and comfort, and enabling presenters to inform their audiences more easily and effectively. Moreover, the possibility to have documents available electronically for all participants leads to major savings in printing and paper costs. The security of the system and the quality of the audio provided are also of crucial importance."