Bose debuts new Array Tool control software

Bose Professional has released Bose Array Tool, a new software application to help make sound system design smarter for AV professionals.

The Bose Array Tool is designed to bring variables — such as room size, budget constraints, loudspeaker model and placement — under control. Using a direct-field calculation engine, system designers can quickly try out different loudspeaker models, placements, and formations to best match the audio needs of a venue.

The software provides drawing tools to manipulate room surfaces and loudspeakers dynamically and allows for visualising the speakers’ coverage effect in near real time. Ordering lists, rigging, and array information can be exported to make the virtual design a reality.

“It was important to us that the software have almost no learning curve,” said Trevor Donarski, product line manager, Bose Professional. “It’s made to help system designers identify optimal loudspeakers and ideal placement with less effort, in less time. Our goal was to design a familiar and easy-to-use tool. And we’ll build upon that simplicity with each update.”

“We know that for system designers, creating ‘quick estimates’ can often waste hours of time,” he continued. “The Bose Array Tool reduces that burden, so you can try out various coverage and SPL options for a specific room and budget, and deliver estimates quickly.”

Version 1.0 supports designing with the Panaray MSA12X loudspeaker. Support for more Bose Professional loudspeaker models will be available in future versions. The Bose Array Tool is now available for download at BOSEPRO.LINK/BAT.