Bose launches AMM multipurpose loudspeaker line

Bose has unveiled its new AMM multipurpose loudspeaker line, featuring two full-range loudspeakers and a subwoofer.

Compatible with existing Bose AM models, the new series comprises the Bose AMM108 and AMM112 loudspeakers and the Bose AMS115 sub.

The AMM series is designed to perform in a diverse range of settings, such as music shows, auditoriums and houses of worship.

This is thanks to the maker’s new, proprietary Bose Beamwidth Matching Waveguide which is designed to deliver consistent, symmetrical frequency response, clarity and projection across the entire coverage area.

Located just behind the grille, the waveguide seals the acoustic volume of the woofer and features a unique vent pattern that controls low-frequency dispersion, aligning the low- and high-frequency beamwidths at crossover.

“Our new AMM multipurpose loudspeaker line offers the output, versatility and clarity users need across a variety of applications,” said Adam Shulman, market category lead for installed sound at Bose Professional. 

“Each loudspeaker features a multi-position enclosure, a number of mounting options and a compelling acoustic package, providing peak flexibility and practical ergonomics for use in a range of audio environments. This versatility means that you get optimal performance as stage monitors, mains or fills, yet they are compact and lightweight.”

The new AMM multipurpose loudspeakers and AMS multipurpose subwoofer are available now.