Breaking Bad relies on Sound Devices 788T

To capture Breaking Bad’s dynamic sound, Production Sound Mixer Darryl L. Frank turns to the 788T and 744T digital audio recorders, 442 production mixer and CL-Wi-Fi interface for 788T from Sound Devices.

Frank and his crew are responsible for recording audio components of Breaking Bad, including on-screen dialogue, FX and VOs. “One of the ongoing challenges of television production is keeping up with or ahead of the show’s schedule,” said Frank. “We can go from shooting on a sound stage to shooting in a car with a handheld camera in minutes.”

Included in his rig is a selection of Sound Devices portable equipment, including the 788T with CL-9 Linear Fader Controller and the 744T with CL-1 Keyboard and Remote Control Interface. Having the CL-Wi-Fi iOS app to use along with the CL-Wi-Fi interface for the 788T enables Frank to connect to his iPad or iPhone to work remotely, helping him and his team to keep pace with the production’s hectic schedule. He also uses a Sound Devices 442 field mixer for process trailer or bag work.

Rounding out Frank’s audio rig are Lectrosonics UCR411 wireless receivers, Sanken COS-11 lavalier microphones and CS-3 shotgun microphones and Sennheiser MKH 50 microphones.

“Having the ability to go quickly from a cart-based system to a bag rig is very important, and with Sound Devices you can do that very easily,” added Frank. “Sound Devices products have been great – they are solid, hard-working machines. I have used them in extreme heat and sub-freezing temperatures with consistently great results.”

Towards the end of Breaking Bad production, Frank incorporated Sound Devices’ new six-input 664 Field Production Mixer into his rig, enabling him to switch from a cart-based system to a bag with great success and ease. In addition to his work on Breaking Bad, Frank uses his inventory of Sound Devices gear for various other television and film projects, including The Last Stand, 50 to 1 and Lemonade Mouth.