British Broadcast: Nugen Audio

With BVE 2015 opening today, Audio Media International is speaking to a number of UK pro-audio companies within the broadcast sector this week and quizzing them on several topics.

Jon Schorah, creative and marketing manager at Nugen Audio describes the market as ‘very lively at the moment’, painting a promising picture of the British broadcast market as things look up for the company: “With the recent introduction of AS11 delivery specifications and the new guidance in EBU R128 S1 with respect to loudness in short-form content, we are seeing increased interest in our products to solve the increasingly complex issue of loudness measurement and compliance in broadcast.”

Loudness compliance has, according to Schorah, become a key issue in the sector and for the company: “Loudness compliance continues to be the main market focus for Nugen Audio, however this is now beginning to move beyond compliance into advanced audio quality management. Mobile consumption is now an everyday phenomenon, and new solutions for contextualising the listening experience are required. To meet this demand we have developed a sophisticated dynamics adaptation algorithm – DynApt – to allow high quality re-purposing of audio as an automated process, enabling producers to re-version for TV, Radio and mobile listening from a single source.”

“When it comes to delivery compliance, there is no taking chances. We quickly understood that the market would not tolerate solutions that were not born out of a high level of expertise and focus. As a result Nugen Audio is a contributing member of several standards committees including the EBU R128 Ploud group and maintains a group focus on loudness compliance to ensure that we not only have the expertise for the current climate but are several steps ahead, ready to release new tools and up-dates when the market requires them.”

The company has maintained a presence in the industry in recent years, something Schorah puts down to its strong product base: “Our most successful products are contained with in our Loudness Toolkit, consisting of the VisLM real-time visual loudness metering tool, LM-Correct for off-line analysis and correction and ISL for standard-compliant limiting. These have become something of an industry standard because from the outset NUGEN Audio chose to provide a loudness solution, rather than simply a metering device. Coupling this concept with an edit-based solution that allows for faster than real-time processing, rather than an external real-time device which destroys existing work flows, has allowed us to achieve a high level of success and allows us to continue to invest heavily in R&D, leading the way in loudness innovation for the future.”

“We recently supplied a full suite of Loudness Toolkits to The Farm Group, based in London. When it comes to loudness measurement and compliance two factors are key – absolute reliability, and work-flow integration. For the Farm, our solution offered the ideal combination, – tight integration and rock-steady reliability, allowing them to deliver consistently compliant material to international markets.”

This focus on loudness compliance remains a cornerstone in the company’s future strategies: “We are looking forward to the release of a major update to our loudness products at NAB this year. As the market for loudness products matures, customer requirements have become increasingly sophisticated, moving far beyond simple measurement. As the market leading provider of NLE/DAW based loudness solutions, we will be again be revealing some very special innovations in the areas of work-flow enhancement and time-line correction that will consolidate our position as the go-to loudness solution.”