Britrow supplies K2 system for Two Door Cinema Club’s UK tour

Irish indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club are currently touring the UK with sound engineer Ian Laughton at the controls of an L-Acoustics K2 system from Brittania Row Productions.

“I first met the band two years ago,” said Laughton (pictured above). “They have loads of talent, excellent musicians; I’d always liked them and wanted to work with them. Listen to their latest third album Gameshow, and I defy you to find a song you don’t like.

“The first shows at the Manchester Apollo was my initiation to Britrow’s L-Acoustics K2 system with the new-ish KS28 subs. I don’t really need the low end weight – I’m not looking to flap trousers, but I do want that low frequency information to be present. The PA gives me the room to put the full character of what is a very musical band into the mix, neglecting nothing.”

Craig Ross (aided by Steve Donovan on stage) looks after the system for Laughton. “Ian is very undemanding,” Ross explained. “So long as the system is nice and flat he has the platform he wants to work with. His comment about the KS28s is right; that first day in Manchester I had to rein them in to where he needed them, but that’s my job and we got there in short order.”

Ron Sharpless is the band’s monitor man, who does similar work for Alt-J and is no stranger to UK shores. “I use a Midas Pro2 like Ian. What I like about it is the tactile feedback; when you twist the pots you feel you’re doing something,” Sharpless commented. “When you’re working in the dark at the side of stage such physical feedback is very meaningful – I don’t have to look down at the desk to gauge what I’m doing. This is my first tour with Britrow and I really like what I’ve seen. We spent a couple of days in the shop before we came out and I enjoyed the vibe.”

But what of the K2? “In Manchester it was a dream,” said Laughton. “Both band managers came up to me during the show and asked ‘What is that PA?’ This was halfway through the show and they had only been there beside me for a couple of songs, but they noticed the difference immediately. It really suits this band, and being well set-up by Craig, I’m on certain ground. I always find Britrow has amazing equipment and people, and in terms of what I do with them, it just gets better and better for me.”

Two Door Cinema Club play two shows at Alexandra Palace on 9 and 10 February. Then out to Europe 17 Feb to 4 March, followed by Mexico and South America; then USA 14 April to 1 May.