BVE 2014: Studer displays Vista X

Studer is introducing its new Vista X desk and Infinity processing engine at this year’s BVE show.

Vista X features an intuitive user interface – retaining the patented Vistonics and FaderGlow technology – providing control of 800 or more audio DSP channels and over 5,000 inputs and outputs.

At the heart of the console is the Infinity DSP core, which utilises CPU-based processors to provide high numbers of DSP channels for large-scale, high-resolution audio processing and mixing. According to Studer, this is the first time that more than 800 audio channels have been processed in a single CPU-based board.

The Infinity engine includes 12 A-Link high-capacity fibre digital audio interfaces, delivering more than 5,000 inputs and outputs. A new high-density I/O system, D23m, is used to break out these A-Link connections to standard analogue, digital and video interfaces. A-Link also offers direct connection to the Riedel MediorNet distributed router, allowing multiple Infinity systems to be connected together with router capacities of 10,000 square or more.

The Infinity Series was designed to prevent the possibility of a single fault causing loss of audio. Vista X is equipped with four processors, providing complete redundancy of the control surface. The Infinity Core offers N+1 redundancy of the DSP engine and I/O with instant switchover between the main and standby system without audio break.

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