Cadac CDC six supports The Feeling on Jeff Lynne’s ELO tour

FOH engineer Jon Sword has been touring UK pop rock band The Feeling with a Cadac CDC six console on their recent support slot on Jeff Lynne’s ELO arena tour.

Sword (pictured) has been The Feeling’s FOH man almost from the beginning, “They’re a band who are very into sound, they’re proper audio buffs. They can all mix, they can all produce and they can play each other’s instruments. So it is either the best gig you have had, or it’s the worst, it happens to be the best,” he said.

Sword, who toured 10cc last year with the larger Cadac CDC eight, was excited at the prospect of going out with the new CDC six which was coupled with a CDC I/O 6448 stage box. As well as the arena support dates, the CDC six was taken out, with the smaller CDC I/O 3216 stage box, on promo gigs for the bands eponymously titled new album, and also on a short warm-up tour, where it was also used to mix monitors from Front of House.

“I’ve been using the desk in 300 capacity venues and then on our arena shows with 14 mixes, either way it’s an absolute breeze,” said Sword. “I’ve had zero issues with the desk for the whole tour, and given that I’m walking into the arenas as a support engineer, it’s been great to know I’m in a reliably consistent situation.

“We like to produce an all-encompassing rock sound, and the CDC six sounds fantastic for this. The signature Cadac pre-amp makes the CDC Series sound so great – it delivers that warm sound that I really like; it is a serious broadcast quality pre amp. I don’t really need to do much compression with the band with a pre-amp like this; it’s just doing it for me.

“Plus, it’s a very simple console to use – operationally very musical and creative – and you can do things very fast; so I get to spend more time concentrating on the gig and not spending time trying to work my way around the desk. It’s all about the control surface being immediate. I can use it like an instrument, very easy to configure and on the fly if you want – no problem at all. It’s just the most simple operating surface. And you really start to feel the weight of it, when you’re pushing up faders. That’s something you don’t get on most digital consoles; hardly ever.”

During the warm-up dates with the CDC six also doing the monitor mixes, the band got to experience the sound quality onstage. As a result, heading out on the summer festival season, they want their own CDC six on permanent monitor duties.

“I honestly think it sounds better than anything else out there,” Sword concluded. “The best sounding board – for both ends of the snake – the world has ever heard!

“It simply is an amazing piece of kit and the more I use the desk, the more I want to use it on everything I do. Operationally it is so simple. It’s a fool who doesn’t give a go and see – and hear – what it’s like.”