CADAC Debuts CDC eight Production Platform to Theatre Sound Profession

CADAC is demonstrating its new CDC eight digital production console to the US theatre sound industry as a sponsor of the Live Design Broadway Sound Master Classes.

It will also be the first showing of the new 32 fader frame variant in the US.

CADAC’s US theatre sound distributor, RF Productions of NY, Inc, is showing the new console to theatre design professionals and students during manufacturers’ showcase sessions in the intimate confines of the 99 seat Abe Burrows Theatre at NYU.

CADAC’s participation is part of the New Technology Presentation, with RF Production’s Tom Bensen and CADAC international sales manager, Ben Millson, in attendance.

While the launch of the CDC eight has focused on the console’s critical role in spearheading CADAC’s move into the wider sound touring and installation sectors, the CDC eight’s almost limitless configurability and expansive feature set provides CADAC a uniquely competitive, high performance digital offering for theatre sound applications. 

Critically for the theatre market, the CDC eight offers a powerful mix solution, supporting a uniquely high input count on a desk with such a compact footprint; and at a cost that makes it affordable on productions that could not justify the cost or scale of a big CADAC analogue board. Moreover, feature wise and sonically, the CDC eight compares favourably with a CADAC J-Type. It has 40 configurable output busses which can be programmed as groups or matrixes, and additionally there are 16 internal VCA groups. The console boasts up to 128 input channels, and using the input selection on each channel to sum two inputs together, that can be expanded to a potential 256.

Appropriate levels of operability is a big issue with digital consoles in theatre sound and the CDC eight offers a radical advance on that front, with its ‘high agility’ user interface with two 24 inch 16:10 HD touch-screen control surfaces; a third smaller LCD touch-screen is dedicated to system control and automation.

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