Cadac licences Waves SoundGrid

Cadac has signed an agreement with Waves Audio to license Waves SoundGrid technology in order to provide integration solutions of the two companies’ products.

The agreement will enable the two companies to develop an interface solution between Cadac’s MegaCOMMS networking technology and Waves’ SoundGrid and plugin products. “The intention is to integrate Waves MultiRack SoundGrid with our MegaCOMMS networking technology,” said Richard Ferriday, Cadac brand development manager. “This will give Cadac users access to the huge range of Waves MultiRack plug-ins, which can then be incorporated with the console’s own processing options.”

“Waves is pleased that more and more live engineers are able to utilise the SoundGrid platform,” said Mick Olesh, Waves Audio EVP. “Consoles fully loaded with SoundGrid make it easier than ever to bring Waves quality audio processing to the stage.”

Cadac MegaCOMMS is an audio networking technology that provides for improved bandwidth and performance in a digital audio networking protocol. The technology currently supports transmission of 192 channels of 96kHz 24bit audio down a single cable at distances of up to 150 metres. Future development will see capacity expanded to 256 channels. The agreement with Waves Audio is a key element in a development programme that will provide MegaCOMMS interface solutions for all current industry standard networking and transmission protocols.