Cadac now shipping CDC Four

Cadac is now shipping its CDC Four digital console to its network of international distributors.

The CDC Four is the UK manufacturer’s first production digital mixer, featuring mic pres that are all fully 96kHz 24 bit with no 48kHz inputs. SHARC DSP is fourth generation with 40 bit floating point resolution, four of which are deployed in the design. The onboard 16 mic inputs, eight stereo inputs, six output busses and eight auxiliary sends are further expandable by connection of the dedicated stage rack, via Cadac’s MEGACOMMS proprietary twin coaxial transmission system. This allows the stage rack to be positioned up to 300m away and provides an additional 32 Cadac mic pre inputs with digital control of the pre-amp functions and 48V phantom power, signal present and overload indicators, and onstage access to up to 16 outputs with signal present and overload indication.

Commenting on the arrival to market of the CDC Four, Cadac marketing manager Patrick Almond commented: “We have kept pretty quiet until now about just how good the CDC Four actually is. But with the final production version successfully rolling off of the line in numbers, we can state categorically that this is an amazing sounding – truly Cadac sounding – desk. As our first digital production console, and a ground breaking, proprietary compact design, the success of this product development is a major milestone for Cadac.

“The CDC Four gives an exciting new high performance offering across the widest range of pro audio and AV applications and installation environments. While the wide-ranging specification includes a number of features and functions, the relevance of which that might not seem readily apparent to a traditional mix engineer, these ensure the console’s effectiveness in other AV orientated sound design and installation applications. Equally, within certain given constraints, there is no reason, in terms of sound quality, I/O count and configuration and mix operability, why you could not mix a West End show or a front line sound touring production on the CDC Four. In terms of sound quality, it would easily be the equal of or an improvement on the console you might normally use.”

In the UK, Cadac distributor CUK Live has already taken delivery of its first CDC Fours. Applications manager Iain Cameron said: “As a stand alone digital console the CDC Four delivers Cadac quality and performance at a previously unheard of price point. However, the real strength of the CDC Four comes to light when you use it as a system, packaged with the stage rack. With the CDC Four as a package, you get a Cadac quality digital console, a Cadac quality stage box, linked together via Cadac proprietary transmission system. No other manufacturer offers this quality, this feature set and a transmission solution that allows the user distances of up to 300 metres between console and stage box for around £9,000.00 ex VAT.”

In use, the CDC Four approximates analogue operation to a degree not previously achieved with a compact digital console; the desk is built to offer ease of operability to users who have never before used a digital desk. This is achieved via an intuitive interface and less menu-dependent operating system, seven-inch high-resolution TFT colour display and fully motorised channel faders. Central is the extended channel strip, of which the control screen is effectively an extension; the outputs have their own channel strip with access to the same processing power and facilities as the inputs.

The Central Assignment Module (CAM) controls Equalisation, Group Assignment, VCA control, Effects, Auxiliary sends and Dynamics. Each of these functions has a discrete control with no ‘doubling up’ or menu scrolling, meaning the desk can be operated as quickly as any analogue counterpart. Optimised buss routing, auxiliary pre/post assignment and dynamics are shown in the display, leaving more front panel space for fast access to real time functions.

In addition to offering 16 channels of Cadac mic inputs and EQ, the CDC Four includes eight true stereo inputs, inserts on all inputs, direct outputs for all mono channels, and a full input meter bridge. Other features include eight dedicated Aux busses, two FX busses, four independent Group outputs, L/R monitor output mono sum output, and line level L/R output.

A complete console and stage rack system is priced at under £9500; the CDC Four costing £5799 and the CDC Four 32/16 stage rack £3299 (ex VAT).

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