California church turns to Renkus-Heinz

Located in Oceanside, California, the New Venture Christian Fellowship’s 1,800-seat sanctuary has been given an extensive audio overhaul, featuring a new networked system based around Renkus-Heinz ST Series loudspeakers.

Olympia WA-based integrators CCI Solutions, who also handled the integration of new lighting and video systems into the venue, oversaw the refurbishment.

A seamless networked audio performance was a major priority for the audio renovation, while it was also specified that the new speakers were not to interfere with sightlines to the stage-wide video screens. Rick Boring, senior systems consultant for CCI, explained: "A line array was pretty much out of the question. No matter where we would have placed it, we were going to be blocking someone’s line of sight. So we needed enclosures that weren’t too tall, and had great pattern control."

The new system is made up of a cluster of four Renkus-Heinz ST9-94R three-way self-powered loudspeakers, which are augmented by five ST7M94R three-way systems for delays. "The pattern control on the ST-Series is very accurate and we’re only putting sound where it’s needed," Boring said. "I’m really pleased. We’ve created an incredible AVL system, and it performed magnificently. The congregation experiences a powerful worship experience."