Calrec announces console core for Summa and Artemis Light

Calrec Audio has unveiled two new additions to its product range – a redesigned 4U console core featuring improved hardware, and a new single-slot modular MADI card with SRC.

The new core offers many benefits over its predecessor, including improved green credentials; not only does it feature processors tuned for efficiency, it now operates with five percent lower power consumption and fewer fans, which are now more easily accessible for maintenance.

The new fans also have automatic speed control and ambient temperature-sensing, which enable them to run 8dB quieter at 25° Celsius, while the fans operate at lower, less noticeable frequencies.

The new rack’s design features clearer status LEDs and labelling, while the control processor LAN sockets are independently configurable via the user interface to provide simpler configuration of third-party controllers, such as Calrec’s Assist.

Also new is a single-slot modular MADI card that fits into the 3U modular Hydra2 box; this new card offers 64 bidirectional channels and includes a sample-rate converter.

"Calrec continues to design and develop new products that meet the changing needs of broadcasters," said Jim Green, Calrec’s UK sales manager. "We have made these improvements to our console core and designed the MADI card to meet the high standards of quality and innovation that our customers expect from us."

These new products will make their debut in the UK at BVE (24-26 Feb), on Calrec’s stand (D20), and in the US at the NAB Show (11-16 April), stand C2755.